Home-spun Antennas

I like building antennas… have constructed several dipoles and loop antennas, wound/soldered my own 1:1 and 4:1 current baluns, and constructed a 3-El 2M Yagi using welding rod and a wooden dowel. I like that antenna so much I made another one for KB6HOH to play with. so far he reports good performance with it.

NEW ANTENNA!  I call this the ETA 3L MKII antenna. It is a 2M 3el Yagi that breaks down to 20 inches, is super light and a great performer! Originally I made them out of welding rod and wooden dowels, but the MKII is upgraded to Schedule 80 PVC and aluminum arrow shafts. This lets the whole thing easily break down and fit into a small bag.

I have since upgraded the arrow shafts to stronger tent pole tubes. The cool camouflage is gone and the elements are just silver now. Also, the coax goes through the inside of the boom now.

I am hand making these for $85 each plus shipping. Send me an email if you want one and let me know what frequency you want it centered on.

I can get these to a near-perfect 1:1 VSWR but the match is narrow and climbs quickly as the frequency shifts. You will LOVE the performance near the center though! MMGAL modeling gives this design a theoretical 11dBi gain, but real world is more likely to be 9dBi with about a 35 degree forward lobe. The arrow shafts are camouflaged, so paint the mast whatever color you see fit. Here is how the elements vanish against a backyard setting: