Linux is no longer just for computer geeks, programmers and nerds.

It’s actually a full-blown OS that’s as intuitive and easy to use as a Mac and FAR less bloated than Windows! You rarely, if ever, need to go into a command line (just like Mac and Windows).

And BOY does it have a lot of Ham software. If you haven’t seen it in awhile, take another look!

There are some GREAT free programs for Ham operators on Linux.

In addition to standard programs like Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, Office or Google Earth, there are some unique Ham programs on Linux too. Check out this logging software!

FLDigi runs over here too!

Check out the CubicSDR software!

…and for the few programs that you might want from the world of Micro$oft, there’s a great utility called Wine that let’s you run those too!

If fact, there’s only ONE Windows program that’s tricky to set up in Linux (or Mac)… Winlink Express. So here’s a RARE example where a more advanced user needs to go into a command line. For that, here are the instructions: