My Station

Top: Where I can be found if standing on the summit of Mt Tamalpais. Under that: Field Day 2016 –
2BSF Station on Mt Vision, Point Reyes National Seashore

Above: My current ‘station on wheels’.   Due to kids and life, my “shack”
currently resides between my motorcycle and my tool box. Actually I’ve
added an IC-7300 since this photo.

Here’s my previous station, built around the TS-850S my Dad lent me to get started. The TS-850S is now back in in my
Dad’s shack and has been replaced with an Icom 756 Pro II rig.

My Ham-Shack is on full-time emergency power. It is run by solar-charged battery power – 240 AH.

For HF, I have a barefoot Icom IC-7200, an IC-7000 and my trusty Kenwood TS-850S and some home-spun antennas (a 40M dipole, a 75M inverted vee and other dipoles ready to deploy in the field). For the Kenwood, I have a pan adapter (LP-PAN2) and use NaP3 as an SDR with panafall display, etc. The IC-7200 is a remote control rig as well and does well with HDSDR. Fldigi and RMS Express work really well with this rig too. The RMS sysop software needed a little fine tuning, but I got it sorted out after a few days of having stations connect.

On solar powered batteries, I have logged SSB contacts from 118 confirmed countries so far.


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