My Station

Top: Where I can be found if standing on the summit of Mt Tamalpais. Under that: Field Day 2016 –
2BSF Station on Mt Vision, Point Reyes National Seashore

Above: My current ‘station on wheels’.   Due to kids and life, my “shack”
currently resides between my motorcycle and my tool box. Actually I’ve
added an IC-7300 since this photo.

Here’s my previous station, built around the TS-850S my Dad lent me to get started. The TS-850S is now back in in my
Dad’s shack and has been replaced with an Icom 756 Pro II rig.

My Ham-Shack is on full-time emergency power. It is run by solar-charged battery power – 240 AH.

For HF, I have a barefoot Icom IC-7200, an IC-7000 and my trusty Kenwood TS-850S and some home-spun antennas (a 40M dipole, a 75M inverted vee and other dipoles ready to deploy in the field). For the Kenwood, I have a pan adapter (LP-PAN2) and use NaP3 as an SDR with panafall display, etc. The IC-7200 is a remote control rig as well and does well with HDSDR. Fldigi and RMS Express work really well with this rig too. The RMS sysop software needed a little fine tuning, but I got it sorted out after a few days of having stations connect.

On solar powered batteries, I have logged SSB contacts from 118 confirmed countries so far.

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    1. A scientist in Antarctica and someone on Svalbard Island where it was -35 F with horizontal snow. Also helping send paramedics to a motorcycle crash (there was no cell phone coverage and the rider had his HT – I was at home and heard his call for help). MANY more!

  1. Good, I have read with interest your Winlink Station running on a Raspberry Pi as a RMS Gateway. Can you supply with a little more information on this? I am working to help the Plano Amateur Radio Club set this up. Our current system is using Windows and the PC just died and we are looking at other options. All of the other controls are handled via Pi’s now.


    Tony Campbell

  2. Thanks for publishing your tutorial on running Winlink on Linux. I was able to get the install process to run successfully. However, It seems that not everything within Winlink is functioning as I expected it to.

    Winlink Express
    Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
    Wine 5.0.3

    This is a brand new install (and a brand new user)
    Winlink opens – Open session (Telnet Winlink) seems to function correctly.
    Message > New Message – opens a “Enter a new message” window.
    All new message fields are populated as appropriate.

    All buttons on the top of the window function as expected – EXCEPT “Post to Outbox” and “Save in Drafts”
    Those two buttons are visible, its just that when they are pressed, nothing happens.

    What am I missing?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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