Packet Radio

My station has VHF ports on 144.91 and 223.60 as well as an HF ARDOP port that scans four frequencies.

Any of those ports will accept the following connections:

K6ETA-1 – BBS (LinBPQ Mail) or tactical alias ETABBS
K6ETA-7 Node (LinBPQ Net/Rom Node) or tactical alias ETAND
K6ETA-10 Winlink RMS server (connected to internet) alias ETARMS

Here’s an interesting note:

If a regular packet message is left on the BBS addressed to an email address with rms: added to the front, it will automatically be forwarded to an RMS by trying an internet connection, then several VHF pathways and finally several HF gateways if needed. This assures that the message will get through even in a number of disaster scenarios.

Try it! Connect to ETABBS or K6ETA-1 using any of the ports above and in the “TO” field, enter
and watch it auto forward to your email address! If for some reason my internet was down at the time, it will have been delivered by
the 223.60 Northern California backbone or 144.91 or HF to Las Vegas, Oregon or Utah.

Testing the newest node stack at the Sonoma County radio site on Sonoma Mountain:

New to packet?

Here is an interactive map I made of some of the nodes in my area:

Here’s an introductory video on the subject that K8BZ put together:

Here’s a great video about Winlink:

Again, I currently (2018) have a node stack with 2M and 220, HF and Winlink all being controlled by a 5V 1A Raspberry Pi.

9/1/14 – Just set up a Winlink gateway using WINMOR 1600 on 80M, 40M, 30M and 20M. I hope they are well-used! I am also in the process of learning how to set up Ham Mesh nodes – I have configured and provisioned 10 of them so far and am experimenting with NZ6J, KK6AYC and K6RGI with attempting to send a video feed several miles.

6/4/14 – Right now I am learning about Packet Radio, Digipeaters, etc., with a Kantronics TNC I recently set up. I have Winlink capability on HF, VHF and through packet node scripts. Check out my ETAND node (via SMRSND or K6ACS) and leave a message on my BBS!

These skills and technologies may come in handy if we ever have a regional disaster – if one comes, I hope to be able to help!  My dad and my sister (KI6TDG who is about 180 miles distant) are in contact every Tuesday – and thanks to this hobby, we know we will be able to continue that in almost any scenario.