I have played with RTL2832 dongles, SDRPlay, LP PAN2 and a few other software-defined rigs over the years. Until the Icom IC-7300 HF radio came out, these were the only ways to get a beautiful panafall screen to ‘see’ contacts instead of randomly rolling the VFO around to find signals.



So these interfaces can either act as full-blown receivers or you can put them into your IF or antenna circuits to give you a wonderful display that syncs up with your VFO.  This makes a low-end radio into the envy of the local club. Also, you can add remote software to these little low-power devices to make your QTH a remote RX station for anyone in the world… pretty cool! The best part? Some are so cheap they’re easier on the pocketbook than a Latte from the local barista!

My favorites (in order of preference):

SDRPlay with SDRUno or CubicSDR

Radioditty SDR w/ up-converter and HDSDR

Any old RTL2832 with HDSDR

Check out this site for more information!

Want to hop on a remote SDR right now and see/hear what’s going on somewhere in the world? Really! Check this out!