My Blatherings About the Hobby

My Dad (K6MLF) got me into this hobby – as a 40-something guy, it’s a fun hobby!

My Ham-Shack is on full-time emergency power. It is run by solar-charged battery power – 240 AH.

For HF, I have a barefoot Icom IC-7200, an IC-7000 and my trusty Kenwood TS-850S and some home-spun antennas (a 40M dipole, a 75M inverted vee and other dipoles ready to deploy in the field). For the Kenwood, I have a pan adapter (LP-PAN2) and use NaP3 as an SDR with panafall display, etc. The IC-7200 is a remote control rig as well and does well with HDSDR. Fldigi and RMS Express work really well with this rig too. The RMS sysop software needed a little fine tuning, but I got it sorted out after a few days of having stations connect.

On solar powered batteries, I have logged SSB contacts from 115 cconfirmed countries so far.

I like building antennas… have constructed several dipoles, wound/soldered my own 1:1 and 4:1 current baluns, and constructed a 3-El 2M Yagi using welding rod and a wooden dowel. I like that antenna so much I made another one for KB6HOH to play with. so far he reports good performance with it.

Here’s my home station:

and a little closer…

Using an SDRPlay (sitting on top of the IC-7300), I have the capability to remotely monitor bands using SDRSharp – so even when I’m away from my HF rigs I can be aware of band conditions if I want.

Here’s my portable ‘shack-in-a-box’

I have dual band mobile rigs in my car and motorcycle and I volunteer as a moto-marshal for local events in the hills of Sonoma and West Marin where cell phone coverage is poor. Our 2M repeaters tend to be better than the state troopers radio coverage out there, so we help out a lot during bicycle races, marathons, etc. My home 2M base station is 75W with a Diamond x200 and the 3 el yagi – so I can reach most of Northern California from Monterey and Fresno to Ukiah and Chico.

6/4/14 – Right now I am learning about Packet Radio, Digipeaters, etc., with a Kantronics TNC I recently set up. I have Winlink capability on HF, VHF and through packet node scripts. Check out my ETAND node (via SMRSND or K6ACS) and leave a message on my BBS!

These skills and technologies may come in handy if we ever have a regional disaster – if one comes, I hope to be able to help!  My dad and my sister (KI6TDG who is about 180 miles distant) are in contact every Tuesday – and thanks to this hobby, we know we will be able to continue that in almost any scenario.

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    1. It’s a case that Harbor Freight and Tool carried a few years ago – don’t see it on their website now though. I believe it cost $30

  1. eHey, do you have any photos of your motorcycle setup. I met your dad today and he told me I should ask you about it. Right now I am just running an HT with and mno mount on my rear luggage rack and have the radio talking to my sena bluetooth helmet device

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