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  1. HI Steve. I am Gary, ve7pop/ve0pop; QTH is Salt Spring Island, BC, retired educator, age 75. Canadian License – Advanced with Morse Code and Examiner accreditation. I have 3 reasons for contacting you …

    First, I would like permission to include portions of your “Welcome to Amateur Radio” guide in the materials that Salt Spring Amateur Radio Society provides in the licensing course that we offer here. SMRS would be acknowledged, of course.

    Next, 1000 thanks for your blog on installing RMS Express on Mac with CrossOver. There is no other documentation out there that is up to the challenges.

    Finally, I have a question about the process of adding a COM port the Windows registry when setting up a Mac to interface with a TNC (in my case, an old SCS Pactor2e that complicates the issue with a 9pin RS232 connection). I would like to follow this up with you via regular email in order to clarify the commands for editing the registry.

    73 Gary ve7pop

    1. Hi Gary,

      Permission granted to use portions the guide! Just mention Sonoma Mountain Repeater Society somewhere and it’s all good.

      No problem – I’m about to update the guide because VARA changed and needs extra steps to get working again.

      RE: the registry, it should be the same process but the actual /Dev in the Mac structure will be the USB-Serial cable you use for the 9-pin connection. Just plug it in and see what new name pops up in /dev. The rest of the instructions should be the same.

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